Author - Abrar Hannan

Interview: 10 Guys Anonymously Reveal Why Men Actually Go to Strip Clubs

If the anonymity of the internet hastaught us anything, it’s that the truth only comes from discretion. We’ve heard all of the reasons “The drinks are better”, “it’s fun”, “I just go for the dancing”... but we wanted to find out why men really go to strip clubs. What better way to find out, then ask a guy, right? To find out exactly why men go to strip clubs, we employed the brilliant minds of our marketing analysis team to conduct anonymous interviews of [...]

Review: Darling Barcelona Strip Club

Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Review

When we were asked to review the top strip clubs in Barcelona, it’s safe to say that we were not mad about it. Nothing better than getting to put our journalistic sleuth skills to work by really testing out just how hot the top Gentlemen’s Clubs in Barcelona are. Barcelona is known for its incredible nightlife and budding sexual tourism scene.  We’ve nobly undertaken this task and rated the top strip clubs in Barcelona based on the following criteria: The [...]


best strip bars in barcelona

Choose the Best Strip Club for the Bachelor’s Party   Men would like to have fun with girls for no reason. Since, girls will definitely tempt men and make them erotic too. As far as men are concerned, they would like to conduct parties that filled with bunch of hot girls. If that is the case with you, you have to reckon going to the strip clubs. No other place can be the best than the strip club to enjoy your [...]

Strip Club Barcelona

Strip club Barcelona website you are just browsing is dedicated to the delicate task of picking and choosing a top-rated club withing Barcelona nightlife. Some of you might think that this is an easy task. If so, then you are suffering from a huge lack of experience in the strip club experience.  The main problem we are solving for you is to make the difference between all those offers claiming that they are exactly the best strip club you are looking for. Most [...]

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