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Blue night strip club Barcelona
Over the years, what motivates men to visit Blue night strip club Barcelona has differed. Recently, watching nude women dance has become a rite of passage for young men comparable to a first kiss. It is no longer a secret that getting aroused can provide relief from loneliness and depression.
On the outside, Blue night Barcelona may not be much of an exciting place to be. However, for men who are bold to make it through the doors, an exciting night colored with nude women ready for exotic, sensual dance awaits you. Blue night Barcelona comes alive at night and remains so until the early hours of the morning.

Blue night strip club Barcelona also has a good selection of male and female strippers that you can hire for your private party all at a very affordable rate. Some of the best Strip club Barcelona will only let you watch from a distance – not in Blue night.
Here you are allowed to come close to the strippers and spank them playfully if that is what gives you pleasure. The varied personalized services available in Blue night sets it on a plane higher than some of the so-called Best strip club Barcelona.

Strip Club Barcelona (SB) is here to make your experience more exciting with exquisite packages. Strip club Barcelona works with only the best strip clubs to ensure you have the best value for your money.
Majority of the strip clubs in Barcelona do not let women in, but SB has been able to work around this rule to grant couples entry. There are lots of benefits attached to using Strip club Barcelona services including free transportation and drinks. The strip clubs are familiar with SB cars, and you will get a royal welcome the moment you step out of the door.

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Please Note* All Of Our Promotion & Entry Price Applicable Only For Those Who Use Club Free Pick Up Service.Don’t Go By Taxi As They Took Commission From Clubs For Bringing Clients. 

Opening Time: 22.00 - 05.00

Girls: 60-80

Entry Fee: 20€ only with 2 beers or 1 cocktail or 30€ with 2 cocktails. Please note that this promotion if you use club free pick up service.

If You Go By Taxi Or Any Other Transport Of Your Choice You Have To Pay Minimum Entry 40€-50€.With Club Car Only 20€.So Avoid Scam & Hidden Charge,Use Club Car.


Strip Show,Pole Dance,Lap Dance,Table Dance,Bachelor Party,VIP Table With Bottle,Private Dance,Private Room For Sex,Stag Party,Rooms With Jacuzzi.

Free Club Transport

Free transport in all Barcelona.We will pick you up from your apartment/hotel/restaurant/disco from anywhere in Barcelona city.

For Free Pick Up: +34631835851




Every corner of Blue Night is a new space ready so that you can experience all the fantasies. That you have and that will arise with the most erotic shows in Barcelona.


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