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Welcome to Darling Strip Club Barcelona.

Darling Strip Club Barcelona
Once upon a time, Darling club Barcelona was a place where businessmen went to, at the end of a tiring day to cool off. For older men looking for an escape from reality, watching nude or semi-nude ladies twist and turn helped them to reinvent their youth.
Today’s culture is saturated with sexuality, and young men are looking for a way of self-expression without getting into trouble and strip club Barcelona provides them with the right environment to do so. Young men realize how more pleasurable it is to hit Darling gentlemen’s club Barcelona and get a lady to give you a lap dance rather than jerking off in the loneliness of your bathroom.

Hitting Darling gentlemen’s club Barcelona is no longer a taboo like it used to be in the past. The change in culture is also the reason for the growth in the number of strip clubs. This is providing young men with more stimulation and relaxation options.
Best Strip Club Barcelona has a large collection of ladies that perform. A lap dance, private dance, exotic dance, and much more all night long to get you entertained. It is not a surprise that when you talk about the best strip club Barcelona. Darling strip club Barcelona quickly comes into the picture.

For both men and ladies, Darling strip club Barcelona is a world in which nudity or near so, is a spectacle that won’t get you arrested. The only way to ensure that you are signing up with the best strip club Barcelona. Is to subscribe to the service offered by Strip Club Barcelona (SB).
SB gives you the chance to buy your ticket online and avoid the long queues on the doors. There are three levels of packages you can subscribe to and each of them guarantees free transportation and at least, a drink.

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Please Note* All Of Our Promotion & Entry Price Applicable Only For Those Who Use Club Free Pick Up Service.Don’t Go By Taxi As They Took Commission From Clubs For Bringing Clients. 

Opening Time: 22.00 - 05.00

Girls: 40-50

Entry Fee: 20€ only with 2 beers or 1 mix drink or 30€ with 2 mix drinks. Please note that this price only if you use club free pick up service.

If You Go By Taxi Or Any Other Transport Of Your Choice You Have To Pay Minimum Entry 40€-50€.With Club Car Only 20€.So Avoid Scam & Hidden Charge,Use Club Car.


Strip Show,Pole Dance,Lap Dance,Table Dance,Bachelor Party,VIP Table With Bottle,Private Dance,Private Room For Sex,Stag Party,Rooms With Jacuzzi.

Free Club Transport

Free transport in all Barcelona.We will pick you up from your apartment/hotel/restaurant/disco from anywhere in Barcelona city.

For Free Pick Up: +34631835851


The club has ten luxuries suites. As Paris,London,New York,Moscow,French Polynesia. In addition with Maldives,Berlin and off course in the beautiful city Barcelona. All suits have bath tab,television. Most of all with VIP lounges.

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