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Sala Bagdad Barcelona
Sala Bagdad Barcelona is, without doubt, one of the biggest strip clubs in Barcelona. If you are looking for a hyper-sexualised environment where nudity, relaxation, stimulation, and human touch are not a crime, then you are invited to take a tour of Bagdad strip club Barcelona.
Sala Bagdad Barcelona is a private room where sexy ladies give lap dance on the table. It is a free world where a man is allowed to express his sexuality without the fear of harassment or lawsuit. Sexual fantasies are complex and differ from one person to another. No matter what your needs are, Bagdad Barcelona will allow you to explore your sexuality safely.

Bagdad strip club Barcelona offers exclusive services beyond the common lap dance and striptease like porn show, lesbian show and live sex which you cannot get in any other strip club around the city. The sexy and professional ladies within the walls of Bagdad Barcelona will safely drive you to the peak of your sexual fantasy giving you a feeling that you will not forget in many years.

You can get these lovely ladies to your private party on special arrangement. New to the city and not sure of how to get here? No worries, Strip Clubs Barcelona (SB) will ease your troubles when you subscribe to their services.
Most clubs in Barcelona do not allow women entry but with special arrangement with Strip Clubs Barcelona (SB) couples can get express access to some of the best strip clubs in the city. For a hassle-free experience on the entrance door, you are advised to buy your ticket online. Sala Bagdad is definitely one of the strip clubs you will want to visit again after the first experience.

Opening Time: 22.00 - 05.00

Girls: 60-80

Entry Fee: 90 €

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Our comment: Big club with strip shows, porno shows,live sex,stag parties.The club is running with 40 years of fame.

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