Couples Packages

Couples Packages

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Strip Clubs Barcelona

*These packages are for couples, a man with his: wife, girlfriend,friend.
*This packages are valid for all the strip clubs which we are collaborating and allow women.
*The packages are valid for any day, after you buy you have to contact us and confirm the date and the club for which you wish to book.

  • Couple Pack 1

    2 persons entrance

    Free pick up

    Free back transportation

    2 drinks

    1 Lap dance


    Original price was: €150.00.Current price is: €120.00.
  • Couple Pack 2

    2 persons entry

    1 full bottle of spirit

    Soft drinks

    VIP table Seating 

    Free pick up & back transport

    Original price was: €300.00.Current price is: €200.00.
  • Couple Economy Pack

    2 persons entrance

    2 drinks each person

    Free pick up

    Free back transportation



    Original price was: €80.00.Current price is: €60.00.

Finding the Perfect Couple Friendly Strip Club in Barcelona

If you want a truly couple friendly strip club experience, there are some clubs that work better than others.  Ideally, you’d like a secluded booth or table out of the action so you can talk and enjoy each other’s company. When you’re ready, you can hit the stage, or really turn up the heat with a VIP room session.  The girls treat couples differently at various clubs, usually dependent on the managerial style.  You want a strip performance that excites both of you, without sparking any jealousy or drama.  You want a true professional stripper, not some girl on spring break trying to pay for tickets home.

We can recommend the best couple-friendly strip clubs, and even introduce you to the staff who can recommend the right girl for your needs.

Impress your date!

Free VIP limo transportation* to and from the club to any hotel on the strip or downtown!

You’ll get VIP entry with no wait AND a table at no extra charge!  All you have to do is pay the two drink minimum at the club of  your choice (€40 per person) and everything is included.  No extra charge for cover.  That’s right everything is included for just €40 per person!

For an added bonus, at Treasures Gentlemen’s club, you can enjoy a romantic meal in our separate dining area that boasts a five-star luxury steakhouse.  Get the best prices on a romantic bottle of champagne.  Whatever you need, we can tailor an evening to suit a wide range of requirements, all for a reasonable price.

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