Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Review

Review: Darling Barcelona Strip Club

Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Review

When we were asked to review the top strip clubs in Barcelona, it’s safe to say that we were not mad about it. Nothing better than getting to put our journalistic sleuth skills to work by really testing out just how hot the top Gentlemen’s Clubs in Barcelona are.

Barcelona is known for its incredible nightlife and budding sexual tourism scene.  We’ve nobly undertaken this task and rated the top strip clubs in Barcelona based on the following criteria:

  • The Talent: The most important part of any strip club is the ladies.
  • The Atmosphere: music, decor, drinks, and other staff.
  • Overall: Is the venue good for groups? Solo? What amenities are offered and how they are delivered.

Our overall rank is based on a star system. Five stars is a cannot miss experience, with one star being a choice left in the fractured memory of a hazy hangover.

Darling Strip Club Barcelona

The first club we dutifully went to and scrutinized was Darling Strip Club Barcelona. Darling is a time capsule. Bringing back the opulent and sleek atmosphere of a 1950’s salon, Darling takes its customers between its ample bosom and and holds them in chic comfort. The lounge area is gilded and adorned with plush seating and amenable bar. The center stage is fairly small, but front and center, making any seat in the room the best in the house. The bar and lounge area is deceptively small however. We say deceptive, because the large majority of what goes on in this club is done in the privacy of any of Darling’s ten palatial luxury suites.

Darling houses ten private luxury suites to the back of the establishment. Each suite is themed based on a different iconic city from around the world. Each suite comes stocked with a jacuzzi, shower area, crisp and clean bed, as well as lounge and television. Giving you all of the amenities and privacy you could want, including the girl of your dreams.

Overall First Glance Ranking: ★★★★

Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Girls

The girls at darling are absolutely stunning. The selection of girls was actually fairly surprising to us. They represent all different nationalities and genre of hot girl. From the kind of trashy to the girl next door, Darling hosts women that are built to suit just about any taste. Not only do they have a wide representation, most of their girls are also incredibly talented pole dancers. The only place that Darling stumbles in selection, is that they have one of the smaller lineups that strip clubs in Barcelona offer. They usually host anywhere from 40-50 girls a night, which is about 20+ less than other equally ranked clubs.

Overall Girl Ranking: ★★★

Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Atmosphere

The atmosphere are Darling is incredibly comfortable. No matter where you are, in their suites or at the bar, Darling knows how to make you feel comfortable. Their bartenders are spectacular and quick to take an order. They also seem to have a wide knowledge of drinks and have no problems shaking up complicated cocktails.

The lounge area is small, but it’s a great place to relax. This isn’t the kind of joint that’s frequented by rowdy frat boys, so you have all the room you need to drink in the beautiful women and expertly made cocktails. Darling’s suites are top notch. Each is detailed and eloquently designed based on iconic cities from around the world (Paris, New York, London, Barcelona, etc). Each suit is packed out with lounge areas, shower rooms, and jacuzzi bath tubs. Every room has its own pole and “stage” area so you can enjoy a private show solo, or with your mates. The suites are pristine and elegantly staged, ensuring that you have everything you’ll need to enjoy your own personal paradise.

The music at Darling is great. You’ll never hear the molar rattling bass of over large speakers, rather a great sound system pumps the best music from top DJ’s. All at a reasonable volume so you can have a chat with friends or any of the foxy ladies that frequent the clubs floor.

Overall Atmosphere Ranking: ★★★★

Darling Strip Club Barcelona: Overall

Overall, Darling is a really great experience. While it’s better for small get togethers like business discussions, or one or two close buddies, Darling truly shines for the solo client. The fact that the club is a bit smaller makes it hard to really attend to the needs of a large group. They have an excellent waitstaff and security detail, making the whole experience safe and comfortable. The staff is happy to make sure that you are well cared for and the girls are incredibly attentive.

Darling is a top choice for strip clubs in Barcelona, specifically for someone who has some time, and cash, to burn. It’s the kind of club where it’s just as acceptable to stop in for a quick cocktail and sensual lap dance, or to spend the evening exploring your desires in the capable hands of any one of their talented and stunning girls.

Overall Ranking: ★★★★

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