Interview: 10 Guys Anonymously Reveal Why Men Actually Go to Strip Clubs

Interview: 10 Guys Anonymously Reveal Why Men Actually Go to Strip Clubs

If the anonymity of the internet hastaught us anything, it’s that the truth only comes from discretion.

We’ve heard all of the reasons “The drinks are better”, “it’s fun”, “I just go for the dancing”… but we wanted to find out why men really go to strip clubs. What better way to find out, then ask a guy, right? To find out exactly why men go to strip clubs, we employed the brilliant minds of our marketing analysis team to conduct anonymous interviews of the guys that actually visit strip clubs. We asked them both why they visit clubs and why they think clubs are so popular among men.

We took a random sample of these guys. Some visit clubs often (10+ times per month), some less frequently (5-10 times per month), and others hardly at all (0-5 times per month). In order to get the most accurate and honest answers possible, we asked that each participant not supply their name or age, instead, just their occupation and frequency of visits.

Initially, we had planned on just using the results to improve our clubs and services, but what we learned was too shocking not to share. Here are 10 of the most revealing confessions of why men go to strip clubs.

Interviewee B-2 (Sales and Marketing)

5-10 visits per month

“I visit Gentlemen’s clubs most frequently during business negotiations and sales. Clubs are the ideal place to take male clients because there’s nowhere else in the world that is so discreet. No one pays attention to you or what is happening at your table. No only that, but at the right strip club, it’s incredibly easy to make your clients feel like real VIP. The women pay attention to exactly what the men want and are capable of giving it to them. This makes anybody feel like the most important person in the room, which is what clients want.”

Interviewee C-2 (Dentist)

0-5 visits per year

“I think that men go to strip clubs to relax. It’s no different than a ‘spa day’ for the girls. Strip clubs allow men to feel pampered. Like there’s someone there to dote on our every need. We don’t own them anything but money in exchange for this prioritized treatment. It’s jut a nice feeling to have from time to time.”

Interviewee C-7 (Student)

0-5 visits per month

“The reason I go to strip clubs is really just to have a good time with my mates. They have just about everything that you’d want for a nice night out, with no hassle. Good liquor, nice women, decent music. It’s great. You and the lads can have a fun time and you won’t get yelled at for slapping a bum here and there. If you’re not interested in one of the women, it’s perfectly acceptable to say so. It’s not like you get a free pass to be a prick, but you can be a bit more honest without ruffling any feathers.”

Interviewee B-2 (Police officer)

5-10 visits per month

“Men go to strip clubs to relax. That much I know. There are fewer rules and we can just unwind and be ourselves. Drink what we want, say what we want, and no one is going to get into a huff about it. Strip clubs are relaxing and they’re fun.”

Interviewee A-4 (CEO of Industry)

10+ visits per month

“Discretion. I go to Gentlemen’s clubs because it’s like having your own local pub, that’s largely exclusive. Almost all Gentlemen’s clubs have VIP sections, or a place that is far more private than anywhere else in the club. In my experience, clubs often offer the best alcohol selections, that include rare and vintage choices. The whole experience is much more honest and transparent. You know why you’re there. The girls know why you’re there.  You know why the girls are there. You’re not going to find any sort of profound emotional hang ups, and you don’t have to worry if anyone is after you solely for your money- because you already know they are.”

Interviewee A-7 (Lawyer)

10+ visits per month

“Men, and women as well I’d imagine, like to feel luxury. They like to feel important and exclusive. If you can’t achieve these sort of feelings in your everyday life, you go to a strip club. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way for men to live out that fantasy of greatness.”

Interviewee B-6 (Technology and Software)

5-10 visits per month

“I don’t think that I was ever that cool guy that women liked. I wasn’t even well liked by men or my peers. I’ve always had trouble socializing. Strip clubs are great because it honestly doesn’t matter who you are or who you were, the girls are happy to see you. They’re easy to talk to and it creates that illusion that you’re likable and capable. It makes me feel empowered, I guess.”

Interviewee C-9 (Construction)

0-5 visits per month

“I think most men go to strip clubs for that feeling of importance. Where no one really cares about you in any other facet of your life, they’re just interested in what you’re doing right then, in that exact moment.”

Interviewee C-4 (Civil Servant)

0-5 visits per month

“The company. It’s very easy to feel forgotten and a bit lonely from time to time, no matter what you do or who you are. Gentlemen’s clubs offer you the feeling of exclusivity, and comfort. You feel like people want to pay attention to you, want to please you, and are genuinely interested in what you have to say.”

Interviewee A-9 (Chef)

10+ visits per month

“Honestly? It’s a boys club. I can look at boobs as much as I want, I can touch what I pay for. Any fantasy I have can be carried out. No one cares what I’m doing or what I’m asking for, they’re happy to oblige. No one is hassling me for being outspoken or dead honest. I can make a mess, I can get drunk, I can sleep with women. No one cares. I can do just about anything I want and not catch grief for it. And what guy doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous naked women?”

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