The best strip club in Barcelona

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How do I choose the best strip club in Barcelona?

First thing first, Welcome to Barcelona, the land of colorful nightlife and amazing strip clubs.So, you want to choose the best strip club in Barcelona. Let me help you.First, Check the Location- It’s always good to check in at a strip club that’s located in the Barcelona city center. This not only helps you reach the strip club easily but also ensures your security.

Second, Check the type of Girls the Strip Club has

Not all strip club has gorgeous and well-experienced dancers. You can check the kind of girls that awaits you at each strip club in Barcelona by visiting websites like

Third, Check if the Strip provides transportation services

The good strip clubs of Barcelona provides transportation services to its clients. This can save you a lot of hassle. So, check if the strip club you plan to visit has this service.

Fourth, Check the pricing and packages

Many strip clubs in Barcelona offer attractive packages that include drinks, private shows, and everything you need for an amazing time at the strip club. Just check out the packages before and book that will offer you maximum enjoyment.

Now, let me help you with the list of Barcelona Strip Clubs that successfully fulfills all the points I mentioned above.

The most amazing strip clubs in Barcelona are as follows:

1 – Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona

Open all night, located in central Barcelona, and free-transportation!

Covers a large area, exceeding more than 600 m2

Variety of drinks and girls that truly knows the art of entertaining their guests!

2 – Blue Night Strip Club Barcelona

Offers 100% Privacy and Alcohol for every taste!

Numerous Gorgeous Girls to entertain you whole night long

A huge area that spans over 800 m2

3 – Darling Strip Club Barcelona

This club has 10 thematic suites that matches everyone’s needs

They also have VIP Lounge to make you feel extra special

Located in Central Barcelona makes it easily accessible

4 – Dollhouse Strip Club Barcelona

Extremely reasonable entrance fee priced at just €10 makes it affordable for all

They offer free pick-up service

You can also request them to arrange VIP Shows exclusively for you!

5 – Viladomat 208 Gentlemen’s Club Barcelona

They have cozy private rooms for 100% privacy

You can host your bachelor’s party at the club

It is one of the few clubs that offer the adult club, man club, hot club and gentlemen’s club

Now that you have the answer, Go ahead and enjoy the amazing strip clubs of Barcelona..!


Why does my wife want to go to a strip club with me?

Isn’t it a wonderful thing? You should be happy and excited, but yes at the same time very careful. Your wife may want to come to a strip club with you for a variety of reason, the top 3 reasons why your wife wants to come to a strip club with you could be as follows:

1 – To Know The Other Side Of You ?

She may be curious to know how exactly you are at the strip club and the things you do there in her absence.

2 – She Wants To Know What Type Of Things Seduces You

You never know she may be planning something naughty. She may want to understand the kind of moves and touch that seduces you.

3 – She May Have Never Been To A Strip Club Before

It could be that she just wants to experience the strip club and with you by her side, she need not worry about safety.

These reasons will surely answer your query but do remember that you take her to only those strip clubs that are known for high-quality entertainment and customer’s safety.

Since your wife wants to go to a strip club, you can check out the list of best strip club present in Barcelona on ‘Barcelona Event Planner’.

Also, do let her know the few rules of the strip club:

Rule 1 – She shouldn’t get jealous of the dancers at the strip as it can spoil the fun.

Rule 2 – Avoid excessive drinking, because the strip clubs are best enjoyed when you are in complete control of yourself.

Rule 3 – No misbehaving with the dancers, let them do their job, they know how to entertain the customers best.

I wish you and your wife lots of fun at the strip cclub

Why do men like strip clubs?

Well, a lot must be going on your mind even before you read this answer. But let me tell you the major reasons why men absolutely love the strip clubs:

Number 1 – Lots and lots of Naked Girls

Do you know any man who doesn’t love to see naked women? Well, you may not find any. Men absolutely love to see naked women and there is no place better than a strip club. At good strip clubs you can see plenty of naked women from various nationalities!

Number 2 – Fulfill their Wildest Fantasies

The gorgeous moves and the amazing lap dance by strip club dancers can seduce just any man. Men absolutely love some sensual moves and at strip clubs they can get just that.

Number 3 – Spend some quality time with their Buddies

Boys go to the bar and men to the strip club. Be it casual or a planned meet, for men there is no place better than a strip club.

Number 4 – Encounter various kinds of women, all at One Place..!

Where else can you get women from various nationalities waiting to entertain you? Well, the only place is a good strip club.

Number 5 – There’s No Emotion Involved

Strip Club is purely for entertainment purpose and neither the dancers nor the men get emotionally attached to each other. In the end it’s all about fun without any emotional attachment.


Are lap dances enjoyable for the stripper?

It depends on several things, the most important is the conduct of the clients.

Lap dancing is a part of a strippers profession and yes they do love what they do provided you don’t misbehave with them.

When you visit a strip club, it should be for fun and you must follow certain rules laid down by the club.

When you follow these guidelines the amazing lap dances become enjoyable for everyone, be it the strippers or the visitors.

You can also take a look at the strip clubs with best lap dances.

Well, just 1 thing…

It can be quite tricky since the city of nightlife ‘Barcelona’ is filled with surprises, but if you want to know about just 1 thing to do in Barcelona, then it has to be:

“A Trip To Costa Brava”

This region offers some of the most exquisite coastlines beautiful Spain has to offer. If you arrive early you can enjoy some alone time and adore the beauty of Costa Brava from every angle.

A visit to Costa Brava should definitely be on your list when you visit Barcelona and in addition to this you must also enjoy the best nightlife of Europe in Barcelona.

Since there are many Event Planners in Barcelona you need not worry about club entry as they arrange everything for you in the finest nightclubs of Barcelona.

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