Tips for going out to strip clubs

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What are some tips for going out to strip clubs?

To enjoy a good time at the strip club, you must follow 5 really important tips:

1. Never disrespect a stripper by grabbing their body parts, kissing them, or touching them inappropriately

2. Record only with your eyes, not with your phone

3. Do not pass indecent comments, the strippers are there to entertain you, not your comments

4. Do not seek sexual favors if it isn’t allowed

5. Always tip them generously

Also, just following the above isn’t enough as you must also choose a renowned strip club. Various sites help you select only verified strip club so that you can be sure of safety and enjoy the best time of your life.


Favorite strip club/brothel in Barcelona

Good that you asked this question, Barcelona the city of nightlife has plenty of strip clubs and brothels, but if you were to ask me just 1 favorite then answering it can be quite tricky.

You may ask, ‘Why would it be tricky?’

Well, simply because Barcelona has numerous strip clubs that are just too good and picking a favorite amongst them is next to impossible.

But yes, I will tell you the strip clubs I simply love and whenever possible I make it a point to visit them. The best strip clubs of Barcelona are as follows:

1. Bacarra Strip Club Barcelona

2. Blue Night Strip Club Barcelona

3. Darling Strip Club Barcelona

4. Pussycat Dollhouse Strip Club Barcelona

5. Viladomat 208 Gentlemen’s Club Barcelona

Now these are my personal and all time favorite, you can check these strip clubs out online before visiting them.

Irrespective of the club you visit, one thing is definite, you will have loads of fun at any strip club in Barcelona. After all, they do their very best to entertain their guests to the fullest.


What is a strip club like?

The moment you hear the word ‘strip club’ a lot would definitely come up on your mind. The first thing would be gorgeous girls around the dance poles seducing you with their moves.

Well, you are 100% right to think of a strip club in this manner, in fact, most strip clubs are of this type, and each one of them aims to provide you maximum entertainment.

At Strip Clubs you can easily find the following:

1. Lots and lots of beautiful girls in minimal to no clothing

2. Dim lighting and extremely vibrant environment

3. Gorgeous strip dancers shaking to some hit numbers

4. Plenty of Drinks all night long

5. Some strip clubs may have a separate area for private dance shows

At any strip club the main attraction is the stage where gorgeous girls perform dances. You can occupy seats surrounding the stage and enjoy the show.

At your seat the dance girls will keep coming to you and it is an unwritten rule to tip them, it’s entirely up to you to tip them of any amount or even not tip them if you aren’t happy with their performance.

They would also try to give you a round of lapdance, but yes these will be chargeable and to be on safe side you must ask them before about the pricing of a lapdance.

If a private show is on your mind then you can request these too at the strip club, many have a separate area for this.

Overall if you choose a good strip club that is well renowned and offers all the facilities then you are going to enjoy the best time of your life.


Popular for a strip club in the UK

Berkshire and London.

If you are looking at Ratio then Berkshire leads the pack as it has approximately 11 strip clubs for every 100,000 people.


If you are looking at the absolute number of strip clubs in any city then it has to be the Big Ben, London. The city is home to a mind-boggling 104 Strip Clubs.

UK’s nightlife is undoubtedly colorful and the strip clubs present across the length and breadth of UK just adds more spice to it.

Since the UK is home to around 300 strip clubs and an approximate 10,000 dancers, there is no dearth of entertainment irrespective of where you are in the UK.

So hang your boots after the work and head to these strip clubs for a night of fun and real entertainment.


How to date a stripper/dancer

First thing first, they are regular humans just like you and me.

They aren’t always looking out for sex so do not treat them as a sex object.

Other things you must know before you date a strip club dancer:

— Don’t expect them to change their profession, you started dating them fully knowing about their occupation

— Just because they are a strip club dancer doesn’t mean you ask them for a private show every now and then

— They have emotions and feelings. Be nice and gentle to them.

Dating a stripper is just like any other normal dating, you can go out for movies, vacations, and anything other couples do. So don’t expect a date with a stripper to be any different.

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